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Cloudlogic Technologies redefine the integral business operations with best-in-class ERP solutions that are designed as per the competitive market. Cloudlogic Technologies give high efforts for meeting ever-increasing customer expectations.

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BENEFITS OF OUR ERP SERVICE at Cloudlogic Technologies

All your business data integrated into a single unified system. Customized software, specially developed for your business processes and industry. Reliable backup instruments and Intuitive and user-friendly interface Improved workforce productivity.


Cloudlogic Technologies ensure you understand the implications of your choices. Cloudlogic Technologies do the work with you, so you can learn from our experts. In cases where you need more hands on deck, Cloudlogic Technologies can help. In cases where your team can do the button pushing, Cloudlogic Technologies ensure they know all the tricks.


Perhaps you’d like to add a component, or turn on a feature of your system – Cloudlogic Technologies can educate you on how it’s going to work and show you examples of it in action. Cloudlogic Technologies will help you prepare for the change and then assist you in using the new component or feature in the best way.


Many of our customers need a small amount of support for complex questions that not only require technical knowledge but also a deep understanding of the way you do business. Cloudlogic offers several flexible plans that allow you to use any service Cloudlogic Technologies offer – on demand.

Benefits of implementing ERP in your business

Always keep your business ahead across the globe with our designed ERP solutions and build strong customer relationships while meeting their expectations

Boost Your Business & Cut Your Cost

  • With the use of your personal and digital channels, your promotional spend will get optimized for your business worldwide. ERP system is integrated to give you maximum return on investment (ROI)

Acquired Visibility

  • With the proper visibility of sales and marketing, you continuously track the business performance and know the things work better for your business.

Integrated Information System

  • Have complete information integrated just at one location. There will be no issue of data spreading with the numerous databases

Customization & Extension

  • A perfect configuration and customization help to adapt the ERP as according to the way you want to manage your business and team.

Create Multi-Channels

  • You have customer everywhere, so you need to have the simple way to connect. It doesn’t matter whether you are receiving the message via phone, chat. Keep track on all conversation just at one point.


  • Enterprising Resource Planning and Customer Relationship Management software gives your users, specifically managers, the tools they need to create more accurate prediction.

Cloudlogic Technologies is expert in ERP and CRM applicatin development

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Improve your ERP service

Cloudlogic Technologies implemented systems from scratch, worked with clients to implement various NetSuite modules, and fixed broken implementations. Whether it’s ERP and Salesforce automation to support to OneWorld – Cloudlogic Technologies the experts you need.

  • Build a Project

    • starting at the top with board level management support
    • Set the objective(s)
  • Data migration

    • data migration, which provides for a smooth transition and future utilization of the software.
    • Cloudlogic Technologies have to ensure that the data is retrieved from the software, whenever required.
  • Process

    • Current Standing
    • Define Objectives
    • Road To Achieve
    • Measure The Performance

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