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Custom software has become a leading source of competitive advantage for companies of all sizes. Custom applications built for businesses and customers to solve unique challenges has driven innovation and contributes to your competitive edge.

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Custom software serves the unique processes of your business, solves your specific problems, satisfies your exclusive needs and makes your workflows easier, faster, and more efficient.

Web applications

Custom applications that perfectly work across all popular browsers and deliver immaculate UX with a clear logical layout and mobile adaptation.

Mobile applications

Native (for iOS, Android, Windows) or cross-platform (on Cordova, Xamarin, React Native) custom mobile applications to compliment your web application or created as a separate solution with their own back end (.NET, Java, PHP, Node.js). They can be as advanced as complex enterprise management solutions and applications with built-in AI.

Desktop applications

OS-specific (Windows, Mac, Linux) or cross-platform custom applications for offline work with total control over data security, increased efficiency and performance.

Real-time applications

Custom applications that exploit the latest technologies to process real-time data and provide response upon the processed results within a strictly defined interval.Sensor data monitoring (equipment condition monitoring, environmental monitoring, automatic vehicle tracking, etc.)

Cloudlogic Technologies have the technical expertise you need.

Software development services with unending possibilities: Cloudlogic Technologies can build it all for you

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    Front-End Applications

    Front-End Applications

    Create attractive and engaging applications that are intuitive and easy to navigate for users. Cloudlogic Technologies assess your specific needs to deliver the most relevant and up-to-date technology available

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    Native Mobile

    Native Mobile Applications

    Deepen customer engagement and provide advanced capabilities to field-based staff with iOS and Android-based devices

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    Cloud Hosting

    Cloud Hosting

    Deploy your software to AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud so that it can scale seamlessly with your business and reach your customers wherever they are in the world

  • System Integration

    System Integration

    Get your systems “talking to each other” to eliminate double data entry and costly miscommunications

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    Database Development

    Database Development

    Use data to work smarter and discover new opportunities using SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, and PostgreSQL

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    Dashboards and Systems

    Put the right tools in the right hands and help everyone in your business work more efficiently

Top Quality Solutions, Tailored To Your Needs.

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OUR ENTERPRISE Custom Software Development

Our enterprise Custom Software Development have the knowledge and experience to build you a solid software development.


  • ReactJS / Redux

  • AngularJS

  • NodeJS

  • Mongo


  • Microsoft .NET

  • Microsoft SQL Server

  • Python

  • Java


  • iOS

  • Android

  • React Native

  • Hybrid appsL


  • Drupal

  • django

  • Docker

  • Wordpress

  • SiteCore

Our Enterprise Custom Software Development Services

Custom software development means you get exactly what your business needs, with a workflow that makes the most sense for you.

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